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NJ APA 2013-2014

Online Record Change Roster is open from March 24 – April 11, 2014. Please review student records and make any necessary corrections and/or additions to the data.  It is the responsibility of the student’s Home School to submit updates to the demographic information.  When there is a sending/receiving relationship, both schools must communicate with each other and review the information for accuracy.  The sending school is responsible for making any changes during record change.

This is the last opportunity to make corrections to student demographic information.  No data change requests will be made after the close of record change on April 11, 2014.

For assistance, please contact Questar Customer Service at 1-866-690-4733 or NJAPACustomerSupport@Questarai.com

2013-2014 NJ APA Key Dates

First Collection Period Sept. 3 - Nov. 15, 2013
Material Survey Sept. 3 - Oct. 7, 2013
Enter School Closure Information Sept. 3 – Dec. 20, 2013
Pre-ID File Upload Sept. 3 - Dec. 20, 2013
Assessment Materials Shipment arrive in Districts Oct. 22, 2013
Additional Materials Order Window Oct. 30, 2013 – Feb. 27, 2014
Second Collection Period Dec. 9, 2013 - Feb. 14, 2014
Portfolio Return Materials Shipment arrive in Districts February 7, 2014
Early Return Districts Last Day to Ship February 26, 2014
Regular Return Districts Last Day to Ship                 March 14, 2014
Record Change Period March 24 – April 11, 2014
District/School Reports Posting July 2, 2014


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